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Mark Battaglia, P.C. is a criminal defense firm dedicated to protecting your rights and freedom. As a former prosecutor with over twenty years of legal experience, Mark knows how to navigate the legal system efficiently. He has connections throughout northeast Illinois and Chicago, and he’ll use them to get you the best possible result for your case. He’s also got extensive litigation and appellate court experience that will come in handy if your case goes to trial. If you’ve been charged with a crime, don’t wait until it’s too late to get help from an experienced criminal lawyer who can fight for you. Contact Attorney Mark Battaglia to discuss your case in Beverly, IL.

Receive Solid Representation for Your Case

Mark Battaglia, P.C. believes that everyone deserves access to justice. He makes sure you know your rights and the options available to you. Trust him to defend your rights, freedom, and future.


Attorney Mark has the experience and knowledge to handle any type of legal case, including:


  • Criminal Defense: If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to have a well-trained attorney on your side. A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate your case and protect your rights. Mark is a criminal lawyer that knows about local laws and proceedings. He uses his knowledge to protect you.
  • Firearm Offenses: If you have been charged with a firearm offense, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer. It’s important that you do not wait because there are strict time limits in place governing when you must act in order to preserve your legal rights.
  • Traffic: Traffic tickets are one of the most common legal issues that people encounter. As your traffic lawyer, Attorney Mark can help ensure that all relevant evidence is presented and all questions asked to serve justice properly.
  • Divorce: Divorce is a difficult process. There are many steps, and you have to navigate through them all while handling your emotions and trying to be fair to everyone involved. Hiring a divorce lawyer can help make this process easier for you.
  • Parentage: Hiring a family attorney can help you determine your child’s legal parents, which will help you understand how custody and visitation rights work in Illinois.

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Mark Battaglia, P.C. offers free consultations to discuss your case and determine whether we can help you. Attorney Mark can assist clients in Beverly, IL, and surrounding areas. Call now to get the assistance you deserve.

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