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Being arrested and criminally charged can be a terrifying experience. Convictions for criminal offenses come with a multitude of consequences, both known and unknown. Prison, fines, and community service are some of the obvious results. But a conviction can also affect your ability to get a job, go to school, buy a house, or even stay in this country. Do not face the system alone. And do not trust your fate to just any attorney. Criminal defense lawyer Mark Battaglia has the experience and dedication to help people near Chicago get the representation they need. He will carefully examine the case, research the law, interview the witnesses, seek expert advice if necessary, and counsel the client so they can determine the best strategy for getting the best results. Skill, passion, and commitment to the client define Mark as an attorney, counselor, and litigator.

Mark Battaglia Represents Clients in All Types of Criminal and Related Cases

As your criminal defense lawyer, Mark can assist with:


  • Murder: The stakes are never higher than when an individual is accused of taking another’s life.  The prosecution will have their best attorneys on the case.  You need the same.  With an assortment of associates and expert witnesses at his disposal, Mark is prepared to mount a full and thorough defense.
  • Sexual Assault: Skilled examination of the complaining witness is critical to winning these types of cases. Mark’s extensive trial experience makes him the ideal attorney to have by your side when your accuser takes the stand and tries to settle an old score.
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon / Firearm Offenses: With gun violence ravaging the city, elected officials are looking for a scapegoat.  Don’t become a statistic they can use.  Let Mark Battaglia use his knowledge of the law and police procedure to try and get evidence thrown out or suppressed, or beat the case head on.
  • Assault and Battery: From aggravated felonies to simple bar fights, Mark knows how to employ affirmative defenses and the confusion surrounding these types of events to your advantage.
  • Domestic Violence: There are always two sides to the story in domestic disputes. And often times, one side is out for revenge or to gain leverage in a family law case. Mark Battaglia has handled these types of cases on every level and knows the games played by petitioners and their attorneys. Protect your reputation and your family.
  • Felonies: Felonies are crimes that carry a sentence in excess of one year in the penitentiary.  These cases have tougher penalties, but they also carry unforeseen consequences for individuals who receive light sentences such as probation.  Your ability to secure employment, find housing, obtain a loan, own a gun, or even stay in this country could be affected in ways you did not think about.  Meticulous preparation, a thorough understanding of the law, and compassionate counseling are all necessary to guide the client through the perils of the criminal justice system.
  • Misdemeanors: Less consequential for your background, but not to be taken lightly, misdemeanors are crimes that carry a sentence of less than one year in the county jail.  Mark Battaglia can safely guide you through the process at an affordable rate so you can safely put your troubles behind you.
  • Asset Forfeiture: When money, vehicles, or real estate are found in close proximity to drugs or other contraband, the government can petition the court to have your property confiscated. The burden is on the defendant in these situations to prove that their property was obtained legitimately. Mark Battaglia has handled hundreds of asset forfeiture cases at the state and federal level and has saved his clients millions in lost property.
  • Expungement, Sealing, and Pardons: If a bad background is keeping you from getting ahead, let Mark Battaglia file the petitions necessary to erase prior mistakes. Mark has litigated thousands of petitions for expungement and sealing. He has also petitioned the Governor of the State of Illinois for pardons and commutations and argued before the Prisoner Review Board on numerous occasions.
  • Appeals: If you feel mistakes have been made at the trial level, you could be entitled to a reversal of the verdict, a new trial, or even an acquittal. Mark Battaglia has briefed both criminal and civil issues before the Appellate Court and has had his cases published.

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