Need Assistance Determining Paternity? Contact a Paternity Lawyer Near Chicago, IL

It has become increasingly common for children to be born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, this can occasionally result in paternity issues. Perhaps a father wants visitation rights to the child, but at the moment has no actual proof of paternity. Or, maybe a mother is trying to get child support, but needs proof of who the father is in order to do so. When you need assistance determining paternity, contact a lawyer such as Mark Battaglia, P.C. Attorney Mark is a father’s rights lawyer who serves Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas. As your paternity attorney, he’s able to walk you through the process, providing advice and guidance every step of the way. 

Partner with a Lawyer Who Has Your Best Interests at Heart

Mark has been serving as an attorney for two decades now. During this time, he has gained extensive knowledge of the industry, and as such knows exactly how to guide his clients through the process of determining paternity. He is compassionate, experienced, and dedicated to helping his clients in any way possible.

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If you’re searching for a father’s rights lawyer near any of the following locations, consider giving Mark a call: 


  • Chicago, IL  
  • Cook County, IL  
  • DuPage County, IL  
  • Kankakee County, IL 
  • Will County, IL 

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