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Getting caught with a gun can mean prison time.  And the stakes go up if you are a convicted felon, possess drugs, or are accused of committing another felony at the same time.  Mark has handled hundreds of these types of cases, resolving many of them by litigating motions or trials.  This is just the type of experience you need to stay out of jail.

Gun Possession in Chicago, Illinois

The violence being driven in this state by illegal and easy to obtain firearms means police and prosecutors are being extra harsh on people caught with guns they should not have. Even people with minimal backgrounds are being offered prison time if they are caught with an illegal weapon. The penalties increase significantly if, in addition to the gun, you also possess drugs or other contraband, you are a convicted felon, the gun is stolen, or you are in possession of the gun while you are committing another crime.

Gun cases, sometimes called Unlawful Use of a Weapon (UUW), require an experienced criminal defense lawyer to review the actions of the police and search for defenses and potential motions to suppress. Police recover guns in a variety of ways. They can find them during a traffic stop. They can find them during a stop and frisk of a pedestrian. They can find them while executing a search warrant. Or they can find them at a crime scene during an investigation.

Each of these scenarios carry the potential for deniability and the violation of your constitutional rights. But you need an attorney who knows the law of search and seizure to maximize your chances of staying free or even winning the case altogether.

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