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Managing criminal and civil asset forfeiture cases for more than 15 years

The federal government often attempts to seize the assets of people charged with or convicted of crimes. To defend yourself from asset seizure, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. as soon as possible. Mark is a defense lawyer in Cook County who understands the various complex laws surrounding asset forfeiture, and works diligently to ensure you keep your property and other assets. He has a great deal of experience in handling criminal defense cases and preventing government agencies from improperly seizing your possessions. No matter what your background or the seriousness of your case, Mark pledges fair and dedicated representation with a personal and down-to-earth approach that helps you achieve your goals.

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There are two main types of asset forfeiture cases, and attorney Mark Battaglia can represent you in either:

  • Criminal asset forfeiture. In cases in which there is a conviction of a major criminal offense such as a white-collar crime or a drug crime, judges may choose to add asset forfeiture as part of the sentence.
  • Civil asset forfeiture. This type of forfeiture is used by the government to confiscate more property than in criminal asset forfeiture. It’s also commonly used in cases in which there is not enough evidence for a conviction.

Asset forfeiture can be complicated, especially in the case of civil asset forfeiture because it places the burden of proof on the property owner to show that the seized assets are not subject to forfeiture. All the government has to do is give probable cause of the property’s involvement in a crime. This is incredibly frustrating for people who achieve successful case results but still find themselves subject to asset seizure. There is also a significant amount of pressure on people who receive asset forfeiture notices; you generally have only 30 days to respond to claims made against you before the government cab seize your property. You thus need the assistance of an Illinois criminal law attorney right away.

Mark analyzes the charges against you and gathers evidence to persuade the court that your property is not subject to forfeiture. He allows you to enjoy a life free of harassment from the government and continue on after criminal proceedings.

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Mark Battaglia, P.C. represents clients in Tinley Park, Orland Park, Downers Grove and the surrounding communities in asset forfeiture cases. Call him at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to take advantage of his innovative defense tactics.