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When charged with a crime, you may believe that your entire future is suddenly in jeopardy. This doesn’t have to be the case. The law firm Mark Battaglia, P.C. zealously advocates for people in desperate need of a second chance, and he has a down-to-earth, caring nature that makes him extremely approachable. He has experience in a variety of legal areas, giving him the ability to develop innovative defense strategies. Trust in his knowledge and litigation experience for an aggressive and effective defense to your criminal charges by an affordable criminal defense attorney in Cook County.

An attorney who constantly looks out for you

Mark represents clients from all walks of life in cases ranging from felony DUI charges to traffic tickets. Every criminal charge comes with its own unique set of consequences and legal implications. Potential consequences of a conviction include prison time, fines, probation, community service, and suspended or revoked driver’s licenses. Although many of these punishments are only temporary, they can have long-lasting effects that ruin your reputation or career.

Mark is acknowledged among other lawyers as being client-centered. He cares about keeping your record clear, and he zealously defends you in court to seek reduced or dropped charges or lessened penalties. He analyzes the details of your case to determine the right strategy, later dedicating himself to your defense. Some of the techniques he commonly uses include:

  • Proving invalid procedures were employed. In many types of criminal cases, there are certain procedures that law enforcement officials must adhere to when filing charges and making arrests. For example, police must always have a valid warrant to enter your property and seize your possessions. If they do not have a warrant or your permission, any evidence they collect in searches may be invalid for use in court. Therefore, it’s important that you never consent to any searches or seizures, as this waives one of your most important rights and strongest defense options.
  • Arguing that equipment malfunctioned. Breathalyzer® tests and other equipment used for DUI charges are not foolproof and the evidence provided is considered flimsy if the person administering the test does not have the proper certification to use the equipment in question.
  • Seeking advantageous plea deals. When it’s impossible to get your case dismissed, Mark attempts to persuade the judge to lessen your sentence on the condition of good behavior or offer alternatives to incarceration.

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Hickory Hills criminal defense lawyer Mark Battaglia serves clients in La Grange, Oak Lawn, Orland Park and other communities in Cook and DuPage counties. He provides truly personal service, answering all of his phone calls and attending all meetings himself. Call Mark Battaglia, P.C. at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to arrange a consultation.