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A Personal Chicago Post-Conviction Attorney Protects Your Rights After Your Trial

Obtain representation from a competent lawyer after an unfair conviction

In some criminal trials, you may believe the legal process put you in an unfair position to be convicted. If you think you have grounds for an appeal, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. for legal guidance. Mark is an appeals attorney in Illinois with more than 15 years of experience in criminal law. He can provide a variety of innovative defense strategies drawn from his different practice areas. He takes the time to form a relationship with you that gives you a better chance at achieving a positive result in your appeal. Mark’s attitude is that no case is too big or too small — he’s willing and eager to examine your case from every angle and fight for you.

Appeals are appropriate for various kinds of convictions

Appeals are relatively common in criminal cases and occur whenever a person convicted of a crime believes the result was inappropriate based on certain circumstances or events in the trial. A criminal law attorney can help you appeal convictions that come about due to:

  • Ineffective representation. Every person charged with a crime has a right to fair and competitive legal representation. If you have reason to believe that your trial lawyer’s ineffectiveness led to your conviction, Mark helps you appeal the result and have it re-evaluated for a new trial.
  • Withholding of evidence. In some cases, the prosecution might withhold evidence that would shed some doubt on your guilt. Mark appeals for a retrial to present this evidence to give you the potential for an acquittal or dropped charges.
  • Unfair sentencing. The U.S. government provides all judges with sentencing guidelines that must be followed in criminal trials. If your sentence violates these guidelines or is excessive in any way, Mark fights for you to seek more appropriate terms.
  • Improper evidence. If you believe that evidence used by the prosecution was collected with an invalid warrant or through an improper search, Mark helps you to appeal your case, invalidate the evidence and possibly get your case dismissed.

Contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. if you have questions about a potential appeal of a past conviction.

Work with a lawyer in Hickory Hills, Illinois to appeal your conviction

Call Mark Battaglia, P.C. today at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to arrange a consultation to discuss your appeal. Mark guarantees personal attention at all times. He answers his phone himself and meets with you in person whenever you have questions or concerns. Mark serves not only Chicago bu also the rest of Cook and DuPage counties.