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A Relentless Traffic Violations Attorney in Cook County Handling Traffic Tickets and Suspended License Cases

Obtain caring representation from an attorney serving DuPage and Cook counties

Although many traffic violations are considered only misdemeanors, the penalties you face from these charges can still have a major impact on your life. Do not let one mistake ruin your career or cost you significant amounts of money — work with Mark Battaglia, P.C. to fight back. Mark’s more than 15 years of experience give him knowledge in a variety of practice areas, helping make him a successful litigator. Trust in his aggressive courtroom style and compassionate nature to earn you a positive result.

Whether you’ve accumulated speeding tickets or been caught driving on a suspended license, Mark represents you with competence. He offers clients from the greater metro area of Chicago, Illinois, superior service at an affordable price.

Assistance for reinstating your revoked driver’s license in DuPage and Cook counties

When a court revokes your license, you must seek the assistance of an attorney for driver’s license reinstatement. Mark customizes his defense to your appeal to show the judge that you have reformed your behavior and are ready to take your driving privileges seriously.

Assertive defense for people accused of driving on a suspended license

When accused of driving with a suspended license, you face harsh penalties, including possible prison time. It’s important to know that you have hope, as there are various defense methods attorneys can use in such cases. Mark approaches your situation from every angle to determine which tactic is most likely to get you a positive outcome.

Determined representation after reckless driving charges

Courts define reckless driving as any circumstance in which a driver shows a willful disregard for the safety of others on the road. If you face charges for reckless driving, Mark goes to work to prove your case does not fit this definition, seeking to minimize, or eliminate the penalties.

Aggressive advocacy for hit and run cases

In any accident, you have a responsibility to leave sufficient personal information at the accident scene so that the other party knows how to contact you. When you’re accused of a hit and run crime, you must work with an attorney to defend you from the tough penalties associated with these offenses.

Legal guidance for dismissing overweight tickets

Simple mistakes, such as improper loading or counting of cargo can cause a truck to be too heavy. Overweight tickets can bring a variety of consequences that negatively impact your career as a commercial driver. Work with Mark to combat these charges, clear your record and help keep your job.

Defend yourself from traffic violations with the help of a Cook County attorney

When you require assistance in traffic violations cases, call Mark Battaglia, P.C. at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to schedule a consultation. Mark is committed to providing personal, affordable legal service to people throughout DuPage and Cook counties.