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An Illinois Lawyer Assisting with Driving on Suspended License Cases

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Driving on a suspended license can result in many harsh consequences. When you face charges for this crime, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. Mark has more than a decade of experience in patiently helping people through their legal issues. His aggressive litigation style and passion for trial law, in conjunction with his kindhearted nature, make him extremely successful in forming personal relationships with clients and achieving positive case results. Avoid the tough penalties for driving on a suspended license and retain your ability to get behind the wheel with Mark’s legal assistance.

Representation to prevent license revocations

There are many common traffic crimes that may result in license suspensions — including first-offense DUI charges, driving with an uninsured vehicle, failure to pay court-ordered child support, major traffic violations and the accumulation of too many points against your license. Many people who get caught driving on a suspended license face a mandatory jail sentence.

There are ways you can defend yourself against these charges by seeking to get the case dismissed or to minimize the penalties. Criminal defense lawyer Mark Battaglia advises you in these tactics, including the following:

  • Unaware of suspension/revocation. There are limits to this defense, but if you can provide reasonable doubt regarding your awareness of your suspension or revocation, you can avoid some severe consequences.
  • Emergency situations. Judges often give exceptions in cases in which you’re driving due to a legitimate emergency situation. They are strict about what they deem an “emergency,” but this is an appropriate defense in some situations.

Remember that you should never admit to a crime without first speaking to an attorney, as your admission can be used against you in court. Additionally, never take a guilty plea to try to avoid the harshest punishments without first speaking to a lawyer. There is always a possibility that you can obtain a better result, and Mark thrives on solving even the most challenging legal issues.

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Attorney Mark Battaglia serves clients throughout Cook County and the surrounding communities to help them get past their traffic violations and suspended driver’s license issues. Call him at 708-330-4074 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal needs.