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A Trusted Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney Handling Hit and Run Cases

Obtain assistance from an Illinois attorney when facing these charges

When you face hit and run charges, your only hope of avoiding huge penalties is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mark Battaglia, P.C. has more than 15 years of experience in assisting the people of Illinois during their legal struggles. With Mark, there is no case too big, too small or too complex — he is passionate about helping people find positive results through aggressive and innovative litigation tactics. Throughout the process, you stay on a first-name basis with Mark to establish a comfortable working dynamic, which makes you confident about exploring your legal options.

What is a hit and run crime?

The legal definition of a hit and run is a case in which a person involved in an accident with a motor vehicle flees the scene of the accident without leaving proper identification, such as a note with your name and contact information on the windshield of the other person’s vehicle. The law states that you have an obligation to identify yourself if you injure another person or cause damage to someone else’s property. When you fail to fulfill this obligation, you may be subject to criminal charges.

Assistance from a Chicago attorney for avoiding hit and run penalties

There are various factors that affect the penalty you receive for a hit and run accident. These include:

  • The nature of the accident, including if it were vehicle-pedestrian or two vehicles colliding
  • Whether anyone else was injured as a result of the accident, and the severity of those injuries
  • Whether you cooperated with the law enforcement officials handling your case
  • The extent of the damage you did to the other person’s property
  • Whether you have a criminal record or any prior hit and run accidents on your record

If convicted of a hit and run crime, you could face penalties such as large fines, imprisonment, probation and community service. Mark uses a variety of defense tactics to minimize your penalties or to have your case dismissed completely.

Work with a lawyer in Cook County, Illinois for hit and run defense

When you need determined, personalized defense for your hit and run charges in DuPage and Cook counties, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. online or call the firm at 708-330-4074 to schedule a consultation. Mark works hard to find positive results for you. He answers his phone calls himself and does everything possible to keep you comfortable with his services and reduce the anxiety you feel during a difficult time.