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Although reckless driving is generally considered only a misdemeanor, it still carries a variety of serious penalties that can negatively impact your life. For representation against reckless driving charges, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C., who has more than 15 years of experience in defending clients against charges of traffic violations and the penalties that come with them. As your attorney, Mark’s focus is always on you and your needs, and he fights hard both in and outside the courtroom to secure a positive result for you.

Reckless driving charges typically combine multiple types of traffic misconduct

State law considers any circumstance where a person drives with a willful disregard for the safety of other people on the road to be reckless driving. Attaching the word “reckless” makes the charges distinct from normal traffic violations, and there must be an added element of danger for an offense to be considered reckless. For this reason, most reckless driving charges are the result of engaging in multiple types of illegal activities, including speeding, drunk driving, inattentive driving, accidents, moving violations, swerving in, and out of lanes and running red lights.

Despite the word “willful” in the definition of reckless driving, the intent of the driver generally is not an issue. Prosecutors are not required to prove that the offending driver intended to drive recklessly, only that he or she was aware of the risk posed to other drivers on the road and disregarded that risk. It is because of this general disregard for safety that reckless driving penalties are so severe. People convicted of reckless driving get a misdemeanor on their criminal record and face hefty fines, community service, probation or even jail time.

As your attorney, Mark Battaglia challenges the evidence collected against you to prove that you did not disregard the safety of other drivers. When possible, he seeks the dismissal of your case by questioning things like the procedures used by the officer during your traffic stop, the working order of devices used to track your speed and any other issues that could result in a dismissal of your case.

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When you face reckless driving charges, call Mark Battaglia, P.C. at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. Mark takes no prisoners in his approach to trial law — he uses innovative and aggressive defense tactics to clear your name and give you a brighter future.