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Commercial trucks must adhere to certain weight standards on the road, and one minor mistake could jeopardize the truck driver’s career. When you receive an overweight ticket in or around Chicago, contact Mark Battaglia, P.C. for assistance. Mark’s more than 15 years of legal experience and aggressive litigation style as a litigator give him an edge in seeking minimized penalties or dismissed charges. He is passionate about helping people of all backgrounds to solve the legal issues they face. There is no case too big or too small for Mark — no matter what, he examines every angle and possible scenario to give you the best chance of success.

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Generally, commercial drivers receive overweight tickets for one of two reasons — either improper loading of the vehicle puts pressure on the axles of the truck or the gross weight of the load exceeds the specified maximum allowance. In either scenario, drivers face penalties that might include stiff fines or license suspension. License suspensions are particularly troublesome for commercial drivers because they mean loss of employment for the duration of the suspension.

Even if your overweight traffic ticket does not come with a license suspension, you should not simply settle for paying the fine levied on you. Mark understands what a strain these fines, which in many cases result from a simple error in judgment, can put on your finances and personal life. He carefully analyzes the details of your case to collect evidence in your defense. He uses this evidence to craft a strong strategy to plead your case and either minimize or eliminate the fines you must pay on your ticket.

The procedures for combating an overweight ticket can be tough to understand, but Mark’s experience and kindhearted nature remove any of the stress involved for you. Work with him to clear your record and avoid having to dip into your savings to pay an unfair fine.

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Call Mark Battaglia, P.C. today at 708-330-4074 or contact the firm online to schedule a consultation to discuss your overweight ticket. Mark puts you at ease immediately with his personal, easygoing nature — he answers all of his phone calls himself and operates on a first-name basis to help make you feel at home.