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A Trusted Cook and DuPage County Defense Lawyer Assisting with Domestic Violence Cases

Defending you against false allegations of domestic violence

If you are accused of domestic violence or have an order of protection issued against you, you require the assistance of a skilled lawyer to get the charges dismissed. Mark Battaglia, P.C. assists people from all walks of life by fighting to clear their names when they are charged with domestic violence crimes. Mark has more than 15 years of legal experience as a defense lawyer serving DuPage and Cook counties. He understands the anxiety that comes with domestic violence charges and cares about defending you from false accusations. With Mark, no case is too small or too big — it’s all about helping you move forward and allowing you to maintain hope for a positive future.

Aggressive defense that helps you uphold your reputation

There’s a strong bias in the criminal justice system against people accused of domestic violence crimes. In many circumstances, these cases come down to your word against the word of the alleged victim. Considering the harsh consequences of conviction for domestic violence crimes — including jail time, fines, probation, eviction and orders of protection — it’s important to seek the help of attorney Mark Battaglia as soon as you are charged.

Mark uses a variety of criminal defense methods to protect you from these charges. He argues for dismissal of your case based on the following:

  • Dismissal by definition. There are certain characteristics an act must include to be defined as domestic violence. Mark can argue that your alleged act does not fit any of these definitions, and thus you cannot be convicted of a crime.
  • Lack of evidence. It’s extremely difficult to collect evidence in domestic violence cases because so much of it depends on the word of another person. Therefore, a common prosecution tactic is to try to provoke an emotional reaction out of you in court to make you look bad in front of the judge or jury. Mark helps you stay calm and avoid taking this bait, ensuring that these tactics don’t get to you. Additionally, he argues a lack of prosecution evidence, which can warrant case dismissal.

Mark’s top priority is always you and your well-being. He works as hard as he can to protect your reputation from false accusations.

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Hickory Hills attorney Mark Battaglia defends clients against orders of protection and domestic violence charges in DuPage and Cook counties. Call him at 708-330-4074 or contact him online to arrange a consultation to discuss your case. You can always count on caring and personalized service from Mark.