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An Approachable Illinois DUI Lawyer Assisting You with Petitions to Rescind

A no-nonsense lawyer who fights to let you keep your license

When you are arrested for driving under the influence, the court is likely to issue a statutory summary suspension of your driver’s license. However, there are ways you can combat this suspension. The Chicago, Illinois firm of Mark Battaglia, P.C. may help. Mark has more than 15 years of experience as a Cook County lawyer and can help you file a petition to rescind that challenges the court’s decision to suspend your license. Mark represents you at your hearing and seeks to ensure you retain your ability to drive. Throughout the process, he sets you at ease with his relaxed, kindhearted nature, which keeps your spirits up as you move through the criminal justice system.

Petitions to rescind generally result in positive outcomes

License suspensions are among the most common consequences of drunk driving. Petitions to rescind are used to challenge license suspensions after DUI charges. You must file your petition within 90 days after you receive notice of your license suspension. In Illinois, people can choose to have attorneys file your petition on their behalf. When you file, the court must grant you a hearing within 30 days of the filing, unless there are no court dates available within that time. At this hearing, your lawyer can make arguments to persuade the judge to rescind your suspension.

A petition to rescind is the best way to combat a statutory summary suspension, frequently providing a positive result for the defendant. In many cases, the officer who makes your arrest fails to show up to the hearing because of other obligations, which strengthens your defense. Technical reasons also commonly cause a delay in your hearing beyond the mandatory 30-day period. When this happens, the court must remove your suspension.

Even when these strategies based on technicalities do not work out, Mark’s experience as a DUI attorney is valuable for litigation. He is not afraid to be aggressive in the courtroom and enjoys using a “take no prisoners” approach. Work with him to enjoy personal and kind legal counsel as you seek to keep your license.

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