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Get assistance with traffic law, divorce disputes, criminal justice, and other potential issues by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney and family law attorney in Westside, IL.


Family law and criminal defense are the main focuses of Mark Battaglia’s practice. In these areas of law, he handles a wide range of issues, including felonies and misdemeanors, state and federal offenses, traffic violations, divorce, paternity, father’s rights, child support, and parenting time. Mark puts the individual at the center of his work. He also restricts his business to Cook, Will, DuPage, and Kankakee Counties. As such, he is familiar with the practices and regulations of each judicial system and the personnel, staff, lawyers, and judges in each of these counties.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve to Defend Your Rights

As your criminal lawyer and family lawyer, Mark Battaglia can provide legal representation in the following areas:


  • Criminal Defense: All criminal offenses that violate state or federal law, such as murder, sexual assault, robbery, illegal use of a weapon (UUW), battery, assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, theft, looting, and crimes involving firearms. As your criminal defense attorney, Mark can navigate any criminal case, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.
  • Firearm Offenses: Judges and prosecutors pay particular attention to firearm matters. If you have a gun illegally, you risk going to jail even if you need it for self-defense. As a criminal lawyer, Mark Battaglia defends clients in situations involving allegations of illegal firearm usage, armed assault, felon in possession of a firearm, and trafficking in firearms. 
  • Traffic: If you are detained for a driving infraction, your livelihood is at risk. By negotiating the best deal, a traffic lawyer might be able to keep you out of court.
  • Divorce: Hire Mar Battaglia as your divorce lawyer. His strategy is to start with just and reasonable settlement offers before marriage ends. However, in the face of difficulty, Mark’s litigation expertise and strong strategies will prevent your spouse from defrauding you from your possessions.
  • Parentage: When your children’s future well-being is on the line, you can rely on Mark as your family attorney to help you navigate a challenging procedure. This way, you’ll protect your parental rights and support your family.

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Criminal defense and family law attorney Mark Battaglia is utterly dedicated to assisting clients in achieving the best result for their cases. He genuinely cares about protecting your rights. Call now to schedule a complimentary consultation in Westside, IL, or surrounding areas.

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