Obtain Legal Assistance from an Established Divorce Lawyer in Palos Heights, IL

There are many aspects to reconcile in divorce and separation. Property division, custody, parenting time, maintenance, retirement accounts, business valuation, and real estate sales are among the issues to be resolved. If you would like to reach an agreement, seek the help of an amicable divorce lawyer who will fight for you. Over 20 years of background are behind Mark Battaglia’s experience as a divorce attorney. Contact him if you need assistance with divorce mediation in Palos Heights, IL.


Protect Your Rights with a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal arrest and charge can be a terrifying experience. Especially since there are a number of consequences that follow a criminal conviction, such as prison, fines, and community service. However, a conviction can affect your employment, education, housing, and even your right to remain in the country. Partner with a dependable criminal lawyer so that you don’t have to go through it alone.


The experience and commitment of Mark Battaglia make him an excellent criminal defense lawyer. As part of his preparation, he thoroughly analyzes the case, conducts legal research, interviews the witnesses, and obtains expert advice if necessary. As a criminal defense attorney, Mark’s skills, passion, and commitment set him apart from his peers.

Receive Professional Assistance

There is no doubt that divorce is difficult. The best thing you can do during this process is to work with an experienced divorce lawyer. Taking the time to listen to your concerns, Mark strives for a peaceful outcome. Additionally, he can assist you with criminal defense matters if necessary.  Call him today to find out how he can help you in Palos Heights, IL. 

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