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Protect your rights and get the legal representation you deserve. Mark Battaglia practices criminal defense, family law, and second amendment rights. As an experienced former Cook County Assistant State's attorney, Mark knows both sides of the case and can defend his clients with tact! Put your case in the right hands at Mark Battaglia, P.C.

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Defend Your Rights with Help from One of Chicago, IL’s Premier Criminal Defense Attorneys

Mark Battaglia concentrates his practice in the areas of criminal defense and family law. He handles all types of cases in these legal fields, including felonies and misdemeanors, state and federal crimes, traffic matters, divorce, parentage, father’s rights, child support, and parenting time. Mark makes the individual the focus of his profession. He also limits the location of his practice to Cook, Will, DuPage, and Kankakee Counties so he knows the customs and rules of each judicial system as well as the personnel, staff, attorneys, and judges in each courthouse.


  • Over twenty years legal experience
  • Multifaceted experience with a variety of different practice areas and legal issues
  • Connections throughout northeast Illinois and Chicago
  • Proven results and track record of success
  • Extensive litigation and appellate court experience
  • Practical advice and one on one counseling
  • Certified mediator and collaborative law practitioner
  • Former assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County

Your Defense Starts Here

Facing criminal charges? Trust Mark Battaglia to defend your rights with expert knowledge and personalized care. Serving Cook, Will, DuPage, and Kankakee Counties. Contact us today for a strong defense.

Quality Representation for the Cases That Matter

As your criminal defense and family attorney, Mark Battaglia can represent you in the following areas:
  • Criminal Defense: All violations of State and Federal criminal statutes, including murder, sexual assault, robbery, unlawful use of a weapon (UUW), assault and battery, possession of a controlled substance (PCS), domestic violence, kidnapping, theft, looting, and firearm offenses.
  • Firearm Offenses: Firearm cases draw special attention from prosecutors and judges.  Even possessing a gun for self-defense can land you in prison if you have it illegally.  Mark represents clients charged with unlawful use of a weapon, armed violence, felon in possession of a firearm, and gun trafficking cases.
  • Traffic: Your livelihood is at steak when you get arrested for a traffic violation. Whether you diving for a living and have a commercial drivers license (CDL) or you just drive to and from work, do not face the judge alone. Mark can negotiate the best deal and may avoid you having to come to court.
  • Driving Under the Influence: The many complex hurdles to a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs requires an attorney who deals with these cases on a daily basis.  As a prosecutor and a defense attorney, Mark has honed his skills in this ever changing practice area and knows the loopholes that can be the difference between you losing your license, or walking out of court with a clean driving record.
  • Driving on a Suspended License: A value based representation will not only defend you in court, but help you restore your diving privileges as well.  Do not just settle for a lawyer who represents you in court, insist on getting an examination of your driving abstract as well so you can come into compliance with the law and drive carefree again.
  • Divorce: When it comes time to end the marriage, Mark’s approach is to begin with fair and reasonable offers of settlement, first.  But in the face of adversity, Mark’s skill as a litigator and aggressive tactics will keep your spouse from cheating you out of your property.
  • Parentage: When the future of your children’s wellbeing is at stake, trust Mark to guide you through a difficult process to secure your rights as a parent and support for your family.
  • Parenting Time: Children need both their parents in their lives. When those parents cannot work out time for each of them to spend with their children, then the courts must step in to ensure each parent has ample opportunity to guide those children through life and It is nothing short of Sometimes the simplest things can be made extraordinarily complex.

Work with a Lawyer Who Cares Deeply About Your Case

Mark Battaglia is a lawyer who is completely committed to helping clients work towards the best possible outcome for their cases. He is able to assist anyone near the following locations: 

  • Chicago, IL  
  • Cook County, IL  
  • DuPage County, IL  
  • Kankakee County, IL 
  • Will County, IL  

Defend your rights by working with a criminal defense and family law attorney who truly cares. Give Mark a call today.

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Brian Sulda Avatar
Brian Sulda
Mark Battaglia is an excellent attorney !Mark took the time to get to know my case , & the specific needs . I was simply , blown away at how much he put into my case . Mark showed compassion , concern , & made me feel like I was his only client . If you are facing uncertainty, & need someone who can navigate the twists & turns of the legal landscape . Look no further .
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hannah durkin Avatar
hannah durkin
Mark is a great guy who is passionate about the work he does. His passion is apparent in the way he treats his clients and in the way he commands the attention of everyone in the courtroom. I hired Mark because I felt as if I wasn’t being treated fairly by the police. It’s not easy to present a case to a jury where you have to shine a negative light on the police. Mark was able to bring me justice and make sure that I did not become a criminal as a result of police misconduct. He is an absolute shark in the courtroom and it was incredible to witness. It took about 3 years to come to a close with my case. In those 3 years, I lost my home, my car, and then the pandemic struck. Throughout the pandemic Mark was able to work with my financial situation, and he never once held it against me. I had lost my car at one point and Mark went out of his way to give me a ride to court. When you hire Mark Battaglia, you’re not just hiring an attorney. You’re making a friend. He will always have a place in my family as our go to man for legal help.
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Will Thomas Ellis Avatar
Will Thomas Ellis
Awesome attorney.
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