Partner with a Qualified Criminal Lawyer in Addison, IL

Are you facing the criminal justice system and need help from a qualified criminal lawyer? Would you like a qualified family attorney to guide you through your divorce? If you’re near Addison, IL, then consider contacting Mark Battaglia, P.C. He is an experienced criminal defense attorney and family law lawyer that can help with your divorce, traffic violation, and more.

Providing You with a Solid Defense

If you need help with your criminal case, Mark Battaglia is ready to assist you. He understands that no two cases are alike and will listen carefully to your situation to help determine the best course of action. From there, he can provide you with reliable advice and guidance. As your criminal lawyer, he’s committed to providing you with a solid defense to help you protect your rights.

Trust a Qualified Attorney to Help with Your Family Law Case

Family law cases can often be difficult to navigate. It can help to have a qualified family law attorney to guide you—so consider reaching out to Mark Battaglia. He has extensive experience assisting clients throughout Addison, IL, and the surrounding areas. He works with compassion and can offer knowledgeable advice; if you’d like to learn more, then consider calling him today.

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